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The number of students playing football on a daily basis at the HAC Compound



Opportunities to play college level football



The effort put into the opportunity to play college sports

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The Haitian American Caucus Global advances opportunity and improves the quality of life for the people of Haiti and all of its descendants. HAC strengthens the capacity of communities through education and comprehensive community development.

HAC-Global promotes sustainable development in Haiti that eliminates extreme poverty by providing opportunities for education, health, and economic self-sufficiency.

Our Global vision is to improve the reputation and visibility of Haitians and Haitian- Americans by breaking barriers we face in Haiti and in the United States. We are dedicated to educating the Haitian community and providing them with the essential tools to ensure success in their personal and professional lives. HAC believes that by educationally, economically, and socially empowering men, women and their children, it can create strength that will build a better Haiti tomorrow.


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Institution Mixte Shalom des Freres was founded in 2003 in efforts to provide quality and low-cost education to a rural population living in extreme poverty. Many of Ecole Shalom’s students are growing up in families with 8-16 children in some of the poorest regions of Haiti. Many students have lost parents and are living with relatives and neighbors.

Often times parents and guardians can only afford to send one child from their home to school which leaves students suffering from inconsistent education or no opportunity for education at all. In Haiti where primary school is not guaranteed it also comes with high costs for books, clothing, and supplies. Students often times only attend a few years at a time, get pulled out of school to help family members on the farm or in business, or drop out due to the poor quality of education, lack of teachers, and high costs.



  • 500 + Students/ 98% graduation rate (Elementary/JH/High School)
  • #1 in Robotics and Engineering (all Junior HS Students)
  • 100% Pass rate for English Program (over 150 participants)
  • 96% graduate Penn Foster High School Diploma Program (makes our students eligible for US High School Diploma) (over 50 participants)
  • 98% of students pass vocational program (over 150 participants)
  • 95% graduation rate for cosmetology, coding and web design (over 40 participants)
  • 98% graduation rate for business/entrepreneurship class for all members of the community (over 200 participants)
  • HAC SOCCER TEAM CAME IN #2 in SOCCER LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP against High School & College Level Players


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  • Over 3 acres of land
  • Prime location for education and academics training
  • Sports and academic scholarships for high school students all over the world recruiting opportunities for colleges and universities all over the world


  • $10 Million Dollars/ 5 Years ($2 Million/year) 2018-2023
  • The project is broken down into 4 phases (design, approval, construction, cosmetic)
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