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Samuel K. Darguin

Title: Co-Founder/ Haiti Country Director (Executive Director)

Education: Stony Brook University/ New York University

Experience: 10 + Years in Philanthropy, Government and Entrepreneurship

Greatest Accomplishment: My daughter and educating and feeding 500 + students on a daily basis

Fun Fact: I love farming especially chicken breeding and goat husbandry. If you want to make me happy, lets talk agriculture!


Samuel M. Pierre

Title: Co-Founder/ US Country Director (Executive Director)

Education: St. John’s University/ Columbia University

Experience: 10 + Years in Government, Entrepreneurship, Management and Finance

Greatest Accomplishment: Marrying my wife, changing the political landscape for Haitian-Americans in the US and our school at HAC

Fun Fact: I love playing the piano. I love playing piano for family and friends and even for some of your favorite hip-hop rappers.


Jeff Lindor

Title: Co-Founder/ Board Development & Marketing Director

Education: City University of New York/ The New School

Experience: 10 + Years in Public Health, Finance, Government & Entrepreneurship

Greatest Accomplishment: Marriage, my 2 kids, create opportunities for African-American and Hispanic Men all over the world and educating 500 plus kids at our school in Haiti.

Fun Fact: I love playing basketball and my favorite team is the Golden State Warriors.