Committees & Programs


To help good people find good jobs. We help individuals who have been involved with the criminal justice community rebuild their lives through trainings and empowerment with the goal of helping them find meaningful and long-term employment opportunities.

Our number one goal is to increase the value of our community by creating new jobs by partnering with the construction and real estate sectors to give our community access to trades and skills that will change their lives forever.


To promote, empower and support the Haitian community with information to increase education. Higher learning is our priority and we look to partner with the public and private sectors to achieve our educational goals.


To Inform and support members of the community about the foundations of business, how to start a business, how to develop your business and how to grow your business. We also look to help our members with job opportunities, job placement and ways to increase revenue. Creating a vast network between the public and private sectors and our members.

Through our Supplier Diversity arm, we look to exchange ideas and share information to assist buyers with supplier diversity decisions on large projects in addition to raisin public awareness about contract opportunities within our community. We look to develop and implement tools and programs to optimize practices of diversity and inclusion throughout the entire community. Our priority is to foster diverse relationships that are mutually beneficial while also helping to develop capacity for our suppliers.


To Facilitate meaningful programs and conversations around creating a healthy Haitian community. Without our health we do not operate and function at our best so staying healthy is our #1 priority. Through meaningful partnerships our committee plans to increase health awareness in order to build strong families and do more mission.


To provide information to understand the nuances of technology and how it can improve their lives day-to-day. In line with our mission, we want to use technology to help our community receive access to information and resources that will foster self-development and success.